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Benedict Publishing Company, Inc. and its professional team of affiliates works with prison inmates to cultivate their artistic talents through a series of programs, trainings, and other professional resources to provide services that help promote them and their artistry, as well as providing an array of innovative program services and resources  to help uplift and empower the ex-felons and their families.  The ultimate goal of the organization is to provide and maintain a one-stop (realistic) programmatic resource base that will reduce the numbers of men and women returning to prison.

Many internal programs and services are provided on a peer-based model by former inmates who understand and empathize with the ongoing challenges faced by persons recently released from incarceration.

Services provided by the organization are done on a volunteer, scholarship and/or sliding-scale fee basis.  Program participants are not denied services based on an inability to pay.

The organization relies on donations, grants, and limited payments by clients to sustain its general day-to-day operations.

Although the Board of Directors provides direct supervision and administrative responsibility, the peer-based programs and services are overseen by the CEO and an Advisory Board; comprised of persons who are former inmates and adult correctional facility employees and industry professionals.  The Advisory Team plays an integral part in the development of realistic programs and services to meet the artistic and psychosocial needs of the organization’s targeted populations.

All programs and services offered by Benedict Publishing Company, Inc. are offered and available to all men and women, regardless of their national origin, ethnic background, race, religious experience, sexual orientation or preference, age, and offense.  However, the organization does not provide services for persons with prison background offenses involving child abuse, child pornography, pedophilia, or other malicious acts against children/minors.   The organization places special emphasis on men and women who are either incarcerated or recently released.


Benedict Publishing Company Inc is proud to be available to provide continued support to current and future authors and members of our community that may need assistance. Please Contact Founder and CEO, Virgil B. Durr to donate to our non profit organization so we can maximize our efforts to help others.