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Virgil B. Durr, Founder

Benedict Publishing Company, Inc. is a Federally recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and Texas-based nonprofit corporation (Certificate #802327968) headquartered in Dallas.  The Founder and CEO, Virgil B. Durr, is a former inmate of the Texas prison system who – as the result of a life-changing incident in 1987 – was ordered to serve a 25-year straight sentence.  During his incarceration, creative writing was the one pastime activity that helped to sustain and focus this otherwise high-energy personality.

Durr as Inmate #477532 began to journal and record his experiences during the 25-year period that ended in his successful release from prison in 2012.

His return to the free world and his family roots in Dallas was bitter-sweet, due to the losses of his beloved and staunchest supporter, his mother (Gloria Nell)… as well as learning about the passings of many of his oldest and dearest childhood friends and Dallas homeboys.

However, his memories of the many lives that he encountered during his confinement were an ever-present reminder of the failure of the judicial system to provide positive, rehabilitative resources and venues for the men and women leaving incarceration…many of whom he knew to have various artistic talents.

However, as fate would have it and shortly after his release, Durr was faced with enduring several needed surgical procedures that later rendered him disabled and forced to consider limited alternatives for the future.

His compassion for other ex-felons who traveled paths similar to his own, and his love of creative writing were the controlling factors leading to his decision to form this unique nonprofit entity.

Recalling the many situations in which he witnessed remarkable talents among his prison allies, he wanted to create a multi-level venue to tap into this pool of raw and unbridled talents, while also providing a genuine rehabilitative aspect for inmates to consider positive reintegration alternatives, upon their release from prison; thereby decreasing rates of recidivism and unsuccessful re-entry into mainstream society, at large.


Benedict Publishing Company Inc is proud to be available to provide continued support to current and future authors and members of our community that may need assistance. Please Contact Founder and CEO, Virgil B. Durr to donate to our non profit organization so we can maximize our efforts to help others.